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We also hold extensive local stock of the most popular radios and frequency bands as well as antennas to ensure very short lead times for most orders.

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29.10.2013. New Australian Case Study- WAN Upgrade For Cabonne Shire Council


Cabonne Shire Council recently required an upgrade from a 2Mbps high-latency fixed line service to a minimum 100Mbps full-duplex capacity.


SAF Australia was awarded the contract to design, install and maintain the network following a closed tender process.


As a result of the upgrade project, data speed of Cabonne Shire Council`s WAN has increased from just 2Mbps to 200+Mbps full-duplex, whilst decreasing end-to-end network latency from 100ms to under 1ms.


Click here to read the complete Case Study. 


03.10.2013. New International Case Study- Ultra-Low Latency Link Between London and Frankfurt


We are pleased to share our latest case study based on a unique application for microwave radio where SAF microwave equipment is providing an ultra-low latency data link between the London and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges.


To date, the common practice has been to replace existing technologies with fiber optic cables to ensure the best speed and reliability for mission-critical applications. This case study demonstrates that a microwave radio based alternative is not only feasible, it is the most suitable option under the current market conditions. Microwave allows to create a much straighter path for your network while guaranteeing significantly lower latency than fiber optics or, in fact, any other cable solution.


The microwave connection between Basildon (London) and Frankfurt has 13 fixed points, with the longest hop reaching 107 km. It was accomplished by including SAF Active Repeaters between our Lumina radios- this increased the hop distance and allowed keeping latency ultra-low across the network. The North Sea crossing was bridged by installing antennas 200m above sea level.


Click here to download the complete case study.


01.10.2013. Andrew Antennas Now Available with SAF Adaption


Andrew ValuLine microwave antennas are now available with SAF radio adaption and have been added to our product portfolio.


26.09.2013. October Promotion - Complimentary 3 Year Warranty


We are pleased to announce that all CFIP Lumina FODUs and CFIP PhoeniX IDUs + ODUs ordered between October 1st and 31st 2013 will be delivered with complimentary 3 year warranty. Standard warranty terms & conditions apply.


01.09.2013. The World`s First Hand-held Spectrum Analyser for 6-24GHz Frequency Bands - SAF Spectrum Compact - Is Now Available 


SAF Spectrum Compact is an ultra-light and easy-to-use tool designed for comfortable outdoor use for microwave radio network planning and installation as well as interference detection and especially troubleshooting in 6-24GHz frequency bands.


Click here to watch an introductory video on SAF Spectrum Compact.


Click here to watch a video on antenna alignment using SAF Spectrum Compact.


09.08.2013. FreeMile 5GHz Radio Now Has a GigE Interface Option


The SAF 5GHz FreeMile class-licensed radio has recently experienced several improtant upgrades:


  • Gigabit Ethernet interface has replaced Fast Ethernet - this increases aggregated throughput to maximum 210Mbps and allows use of up to 210Mbps data speed in a single direction, if preferred
  • Maximum power consumption has been reduced from 15W to 10W per unit
  • Any polarity can now be grounded
  • A USB interface has been added for serial connection
03.04.2013. New Improved Version of 1.5GHz CFIP Marathon


A new, improved version of SAF CFIP Marathon 1.5GHz licensed long-distance radio - CFIP Marathon II- is now available. Key improvements include:
  • fractional E1 support, and
  • a high Tx power option (maximum 4W, standar power is maximum 1W)

Click here for more info on CFIP Marathon.

15.01.2013. Amazing Offer For All ISPs!


SAF Australia is pleased to announce a limited time offer for all Australian ISPs with up to 30%+ discounts off CFIP Lumina radio prices.

CFIP Lumina microwave radios provide fast data speeds of up to 360Mbps full-duplex in licensed frequency bands as well as licence-free 24GHz.


Key features include hitless ACM and QoS, jumbo frame support, up to 4093 concurrent VLANs and user-friendly web management.


The first two new customers to take advantage of this promotion will also receive complimentary extended 2 year warranty.


Offer must end February 28th 2013.


More information on CFIP Lumina radios here.


Contact us for further information on the promotional offer, path calculations and quotes.

New Case Study Published- Upgrade From a 2Mbps Managed Service to a 75-366Mbps Full-duplex Private Microwave Radio WAN


Twin Towns Clubs & Resorts in Tweed Heads, NSW upgraded their WAN from a 2Mbps managed service to a private microwave radio network providing 75-366Mbps full-duplex data speeds. Payback period of capital investment compared to using 100Mbps managed service was 6 months, and monthly operational costs are now lower than with the previous 2Mbps service. Click here to view the case study.


Increased Local Stock for Shorter Lead Times

We know our customers appreciate short lead times, so we have increased our microwave radio stock of the most popular frequency bands to be able to deliver more orders even faster.

Currently in stock are 30+ microwave radios in 1.5GHz, 11GHz, 18GHz and 23GHz licensed freqency bands and 24GHz and 5GHz unlicensed frequency bands as well as 100+ antennas in 5GHz, 7.5GHz, 11GHz, 13GHz, 15GHz, 18GHz, 22(23)GHz and 24GHz.  
Finally there is a carrier-grade microwave radio without the carrier-grade pricetag.

SAF Australia proudly announce SAF FreeMile - 24GHz class-licensed radio that combines the best of licensed and class-licensed radios - no licence fees, fast data speeds, low latency, excellent reliability, and a great price. Click here for more info.
SAF Australia is now an LGP (Local Government Procurement) approved contractor. This means that NSW councils as well as Non for Profit Groups are able to purchase SAF microwave radio equipment as well as all related services without a tender process. Click here for more information  LGP Logo
Watch our new Installation Video for SAF High Speed Full Outdoor Microwave Radio. SAF CFIP Lumina installation video.
SAF Australia have been announced as a finalist of CeBIT Awards 2011 in the Project Excellence category for a high-speed microwave radio WAN project delivered to Ballina Shire Council. 


Project Case Study


SAF Australia Project Excellence Award Finalist


New licensed 1.4 - 1.5GHz (1427-1535MHz) FIDU (full indoor) microwave radio for long distance links is now available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    Key features and benefits:
  • very long link distances- up to 100km
  • data & voice interfaces- managed GigE and 4E1
  • very low latency
  • low power consumption- ideal for solar powered sites

New high-speed class-licensed 5GHz radio is now available.

  • throughput- up to 180 Mbps aggregate (max 90 Mbps full-duplex)
  • Covers both 5.4GHz and 5.8GHz bands.

More info on 5GHz radios

Tired of interference issues in 2.4 and 5.8 GHz  class-licensed?

Licence fees keeping you from upgrading to reliable high capacity carrier-grade equipment?

Try SAF CFIP Class-licensed 24 GHz microwave radio - same equipment as 6-38 GHz licensed and NO LICENCE FEES!

Suitable for short-distance links up to 2.5km, capacities from 4 to 366 Mbps full-duplex, Fast Ethernet +4E1 or optical/electrical GigE. 

More info on 24 GHz Class-licensed.

Download our case study on a microwave backbone upgrade with CFIP 24 GHz.

Download SAF Class-Licensed brochure.

Contact us for a no obligation quote and a link availability calculation or any further information. 

"We required a cost-effective, highly reliable network infrastructure. Microwave was attractive to our organisation as it offered high bandwidth without the high ongoing costs of leased fibre optics links. We initially installed a single 155 Mbps link to trial the reliability and speed of SAF equipment. This link worked flawlessly and subsequently we have deployed a further three links using SAF microwave equipment."

Shane Bullen, IT Manager, Hunter Water Australia 

Click here to view the full Hunter Water Australia Case Study.


SAF CFIP Full Outdoor Solutions are a CeBIT 2010 Award finalist in the Category Excellence in Communications !

Click here for more information on SAF CFIP radios and visit us during CeBIT 2010 in Sydney (May 24-26th).


Build a future-proof network with the new CFIP Lumina 17- 366 Mbps full outdoor solution with optical or electrical GigE interface. Click here to find out more.


Achieve longer link distances and higher capacities with smaller antenna sizes – CFIP high power version available now. Download CFIP datasheet here.

SAF Australia commission a 17 link network for Port Stephens Council. Download the case study here.